totally unrelated coolstory

I just stumbled upon Marc Jacobs and his Foundational Principles for Camelot Unchained, through this post by Bhagpuss.

Once upon a time when I was playing WoW, a guild advertisement popped up in the trade chat. The newly made guild would only accept “the coolest, most leet and hardcore players”. The ad also explicitly mentioned “balls of steel”, possibly in the guild name itself, I don’t quite remember. Or was it iron? Some metal alloy, for sure.

The lifespan of the advertisement campaign was one day, maybe two, they were laughed at so hard. So why did I suddenly remember this while reading CU’s foundational principles? No idea, must be a total coincidence.

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2 thoughts on “totally unrelated coolstory

  1. Yeah, Marc Jacobs can bite me 😉

    As a long-time MMO player (since Asheron’s Call days), I agree to a degree with his philosophy (that players can be whiners, and take little/no responsibility for their choices), but CU’s 15 “principles” are a bit paternalistic and, quite frankly, offensive (and its gameplay meanwhile looks kinda weak, to boot, so methinks Marc dost protest/talk too much).

    But that’s just MNSHO.


  2. In fact, “doth protest too much” are the exact words I was thinking when I was reading about all these casual/non-core players who would have brought in heaps of money had the developers not shooed them away for the sake of purity of the game.


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