LotRO why

The connection loss is real. It happens several times a day, in two situations: either when the character is crossing the border between two zones (areas? instances? not  the “zone” zones that represent different regions, but rather passing through a door, or crossing that invisible boundary while on the surface. “Now entering: The Delving Fields”. Boom! Frozen, then disconnect), or when trying to enter world after character select (loading never happens, then error message). I am frankly thinking this is sliding towards unplayable, especially since one of my four alts is completely unaccessible right now (just never loads). The other three are just fine, so I am pretty sure it isn’t a problem with my connection – though I am also pretty sure that tech support is going to tell me just that. Check your firewall, contact your ISP, something on your computer is preventing lotro client from reaching the server, blah blah. Sure, “something on my computer” just doesn’t like this one alt. So looks like soon it will be back to GW2 for me. Sigh.


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