LotRO why

The connection loss is real. It happens several times a day, in two situations: either when the character is crossing the border between two zones (areas? instances? not  the “zone” zones that represent different regions, but rather passing through a door, or crossing that invisible boundary while on the surface. “Now entering: The Delving Fields”. Boom! Frozen, then disconnect), or when trying to enter world after character select (loading never happens, then error message). I am frankly thinking this is sliding towards unplayable, especially since one of my four alts is completely unaccessible right now (just never loads). The other three are just fine, so I am pretty sure it isn’t a problem with my connection – though I am also pretty sure that tech support is going to tell me just that. Check your firewall, contact your ISP, something on your computer is preventing lotro client from reaching the server, blah blah. Sure, “something on my computer” just doesn’t like this one alt. So looks like soon it will be back to GW2 for me. Sigh.


Pursuing it with eager feet

I’ve got an urge lately to try a new game, and in my case it doesn’t really mean “that cool new title” but rather “that time-proven classic that I’ve hopelessly missed”. So, I was choosing between LotRO and Dragon Age (yeah, I know), and ended up trying LotRO. Well now I am torn (totally unexpectedly, of course) between buying a subscription, buying a starter pack, and staying F2P for a while longer. I will eventually buy one of the two (I fully appreciate the try before you buy model, and it is exactly because of that I think that if you liked it, putting some money in is the right thing to do), just can’t decide which one. Samwise Gamgee starter pack (and the Premium status that comes with it) has essentially everything I need (riding, access to the auction house, more inventory slots, mailing money between alts, currency cap removal), except quests past level 20 (nevertheless there are so many quests in the starting zones it’ll take me weeks to finish them all, and you can go into the higher zones anyway, just no one will tell you which rats to kill). A sub means all the quests and some points that’ll help buy an expansion in some distant future, but it also brings a sense of commitment with it. I only have so much time to play, so picking up LotRO effectively means abandoning GW2.

P.S. While this post was hanging as a draft (actually a longer version of it, with more rambling about pros and cons of different options), I finally decided to get a subscription. Find me somewhere in the fields around Waymeet or the woods around Overhill (current goal: explore all of the Shire on foot. Home sweet home!).


jumping puzzles

Jumping puzzles are not exactly my kind of thing. Still, I don’t mind them too much, as long as there is no pixelwalking and/or invisible collision walls involved (Spires of Arak </3). GW2 vistas have mostly been ok so far, and recently I even stepped up and did a proper jumping puzzle (Tribulation Caverns). This just happened casually, since I climbed the Tribulation Rift Scaffolding for the vista anyway (I like completing zones for the feeling of checking them off, and for the handy crafting material rewards as well!), and then there was this entrance that clearly said “I am a jumping puzzle”, and I thought “why not, let’s try”. It turned out to be fairly straightforward (it was clear where to go at every point and how to play to avoid damage); some parts took several attempts, but failure didn’t cause me to die or throw me back to the start of the puzzle. King Jalis Refuge later, I gave up after a couple of tries. Lazy, I know. But I don’t get any specific kicks from the feeling that if I make even a slight mistake, it is going to cost a lot (negate all previous progress), and having worked hard for a reward doesn’t make the reward any sweeter for me. So, why spend my time doing this when I could be doing something else? I’ve been there, seen it, figured out how to beat it, for me that’s enough. Still, having completed Tribulation Caverns felt good. I could be doing more of this in the future.