GW2: can I slow down please?

I might be the only person out there who is unhappy that the leveling process in an MMO goes way too quickly! My “main” is level 50 now, and I have barely brushed any level 40+ zones (of those, I spent some time in Harathi Hinterlands the other day because there was a daily event completion challenge, and that is it, mostly). Now I have another dungeon to go to, and another chapter of my personal story (these seem to last forever). Then, my crafting lags behind my level (as in, I still need materials from the level 30-40 zones), but if I gather these materials and craft enough to raise the bar, I will gain enough levels that between them, the dungeon, and the personal story, I will hit the next milestone again. I just want to be free to explore the world! And postponing the personal story doesn’t feel right either, because receiving quest rewards that are obsolete because of my level makes me sad, like unwrapping a gift to find a pair of baby socks.

I think I’ll quit doing dailies. The reward chests mostly contain writs of experience anyway (the irony).


One thought on “GW2: can I slow down please?

  1. Oh I’m with you 🙂 I love levelling in MMOs and nubing around, those early levels of explorerdom are frankly the best! These days reaching endgame is far away from my concerns, I wish I could go on forever progressing without having to deal with what MMOs have come to accept as max-level content. Endgame is when it gets repetitive and competitive and gear-driven…..bleh.


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